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5 Incredible Hair Styles for 2017

Women have so many options when it comes to crafting the perfect hairstyle. 2017 is like a watershed year, where anything goes. Straight or shiny and wavy, however you choose to wear your hair, these styles will be fun to play with. Experiment enough and you’ll eventually come across your own signature style.

The Boy Cut

Lots of women with sharp cheekbones and thin jawlines opt for the boy cut, which helps to frame the face. It’s on the androgynous side, but that’s part of its attractiveness. It really seems to transform the face and invite others to gaze deep into your eyes.


Younger women are in love with hair gems, tiaras and other things that add sparkle to any hairstyle. Older women can still opt for hair accessories, and some even go for that extra sparkle too.

The Fringe

It takes some tweaking to find the proper amount of layers you’ll need to pull off the look, but the Bardot fringe is the new style trick everyone’s talking about.

The Pony

High or to the side, the pony has become an elegant and playful way to show youth and exuberance. The side even looks perfect for formal occasions, complimenting any white or black dress in your closet.

Flat Waves

All you need is a hair iron and some time to pull off this glamorous look. Keep your ends straight, let your waves fly free and you end up with something that looks effortless and beautiful.

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