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Making Foundation Work for You

Foundation gets a bad rep as being very cakelike, almost like a mask. Done well, foundation can help you craft a flawless look that appears effortlessly beautiful. Overdone, you will get those negative effects no one wants. Striking that balance is as simple as finding the right color for you, choosing where you apply that foundation, and preparing a good canvas to work on by conditioning your skin.

Read on for tips on how to make your foundation work harder for you.

Finding the Right Color

The best way to find the right color is to experiment. Lots of stores have open foundation containers you can use to play around with. Rub some on your jawline and look at your skin underneath a daylight bulb. Try to avoid shopping at the drug store, as good foundation usually costs more and requires a trip to a specialty store, but if you must then start by finding the right color and bringing that sample with you to the drug store. This way, you’ll have an easier time matching the two colors.


You should get familiar with a beautyblender, which has a nice flat space and shape you can use to try and merge your base foundation with your skin. A good place to experiment with these techniques is below the eyes, where lighter foundation can provide an attractive contrast to darker eye shadows. This allows you play around with some concealing effects as well.

Condition the Skin

The name of the game is to moisturize. Moisture unlocks the potential of foundation, and helps contribute to that youthful look. Dry skin is ripe for breakouts and flaking, which doesn’t look very attractive at all.

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